• The silence and beauty of nature in its simplest forms provide the inspiration for a new model, zoe, ζωη in greek, which means “life”. A bag that recalls the origins of the company’s founder, capturing its purest essence. Shaped like a peasant farmer’s bag, spacious and durable; just like this traditional bag, the first prototype was made of canvas, to celebrate its bond with the earth.

    Linen with calfskin trim and agender inspiration for this minimal chic archetypal line by Zoe Zanellato. Every Zanellato product is an original handmade article. For this reason, some details – lining and accessories- might change over the Collections. 100% Linen. 100% Calf leather. Col. Beige/Brown. Dimensions - 34 cm x 27 x 18 cm.

    ZANELLATO. Zoe Tabarro Spiga di Grano. MEDIUM

    SKU: 2-20-ZA00PEL06417TB09
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