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A contemporary masterpiece of perfumery, bridging the gap between history and the future, this fragrance is a tribute to 150 years of the Crown Perfumery legacy. A symphony of elegant notes unfolds from the complexity of 203 ingredients, with the warmth of nutmeg and cedarwood harmonising with earthy moss and the invigorating essence of single malt. Nodding geranium heads stir alongside hedgerow berries, subtly complemented by a hint of black pepper, weaving captivating olfactory tales for the wearer. The journey begins with a juicy and sweet opening note of blackberry, offering a delightful equilibrium of freshness and warmth. At the heart, geranium's fresh and slightly floral presence adds a sparkling touch of elegance. Finally, cedarwood, a distinctive woody, spicy ingredient, envelops the wearer in the fragrance's enduring base. 50 ml.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN. 150° Anniversary Limited Collection Contemporary

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