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Undoubtedly one of the Crown Perfumery Company's most renowned creations, this exquisite perfume traces its origins back to 1886. Its inception was inspired by the fragrant blooms of a crab apple tree gracing the founder's Kensington residence in London, and he was the first perfumer to capture this unique essence. This invigorating Citrus Aquatic perfume, with a complexity of 151 ingredients, artfully encapsulates the quintessential springtime allure of Apple Blossom and the exotic nuance of Marine Bergamot in its sparkling opening notes. At the heart, zesty green rhubarb imparts a crisp, bittersweet facet, akin to wandering through an English garden, beautifully harmonised with a refreshing mint and sugar accord. A sophisticated, robust base is elevated by the finest velvety sandalwood and enriched by the aromatic allure of driftwood to form a fresh, energising yet soft scent. 50 ml.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN. Crown Collection Crab Apple Blossom

SKU: CLIVE CHRISTIAN. Crown Collection Crab A
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