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Experience the allure of a timeless fragrance, inspired by the archives. First crafted in 1892, this enigmatic perfume, with a complexity of 252 ingredients, draws its inspiration from a captivating Japanese princess who once enchanted the Victorian court with her elegance. Today, this Woody Chypre remains an embodiment of that mystique, reimagined for the discerning modern connoisseur. At the top, vibrant green bergamot dances with sparkling pink pepper and tantalising nutmeg, crafting a top note that is fresh and invigorating. This sparkling introduction gracefully leads into a floral and woody heart of Chinese imperial jasmine and smokey Mate Tea, evoking a seductive and sensual aura. Finally, a rich base of ambers, whispered musks, and woody undertones envelops you in a warm and enigmatic embrace, leaving an indelible mark of mystery and complexity. Discover the essence of timeless elegance. 50 ml.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN. Crown Collection Matsukita

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