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A tale of Art Deco opulence unfolds in this warm amber fragrance, infused with aromatic and smoky blonde tobacco. Amidst a riot of blossoming florals and dried fruits, an indulgent blend of fine ingredients emerges, with a complexity of 219 components. Bitter orange, a cherished note in chypres and colognes, awakens the senses with its invigorating flourish. In this perfume, it lifts tuberose and jasmine, infusing a burst of freshness into notes of sticky dried fruits. Blonde tobacco, both sweet and sensuous, with its smoky allure and aromatic twist, is the perfect companion to the lavish florals and deep amber that grace this fragrance. This incredibly versatile ingredient adds endless dimensions to the perfume, each twist and turn revealing its complexity. Tonka, a sweet and praline-like spice with a hint of vanilla, provides the perfect base for gourmand notes and ambers, enhancing Blonde Amber's richness and indulgence. 50 ml.

CLIVE CHRISTIAN. Noble Collection XXI Art Deco Blond Amber

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