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  • Kilian Hennessy's Inspiration: KILIAN PARIS introduces its second hair mist inspired by the scent of its most iconic perfume creation, Good girl gone Bad by KILIAN. Good girl gone Bad by KILIAN Hair Mist, an advanced formula that nourishes the hair to help defend against dryness, is the final and finest gesture of the personal perfume ritual for becoming entirely wrapped in a whirlwind of petals.


    Fragrance story: Good girl gone Bad by KILIAN is KILIAN PARIS' iconic fragrance, loved for its narcotic and airy floral blend of orange blossom, tuberose and osmanthus notes, always flirting on the edge of darkness and light, innocence and experience. A powerful and perfumed secret weapon of the finest order, Good girl gone Bad by KILIAN Hair Mist takes perfuming oneself into its ultimate dimensions—where no detail is forgotten and takes scent intoxication deep into the night. 


    Key notes: Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Tuberose.


    Olfactive Family: Narcotics - From rose to tuberose, from orange blossom to gardenia… Kilian flowers are composed like a narcotic dependence. 


    Perfumer: Alberto Morillas.

    KILIAN PARIS. Good Girl Gone Bad Hair Mist

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    • A lot of attention is taken in each bottle of KILIAN PARIS refillable perfume, to make them real precious objects. The perfume bottles of the fresh citrus family are adorned with a distinctive Klein blue lacquer and their bottle has been meticulously engraved on each side, with the representation of the Achilles shield. Like Kilian Hennessy says: « In perfumery, it is as much about seduction as it is about protection”. A silvery metal plate on which the name of the perfume is engraved by hand adds an extra touch of sophistication.


      These details bring to the KILIAN PARIS creation a guarantee of luxury, that should not be ephemeral, but should last a lifetime. That's why the bottle of this cellar perfume can be refilled indefinitely.