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  • Inspired by the story of Bay rum : a story about man and perfume 

    In the 16th century, sailors discovered the leaves of the West Indian Bay tree, named Pimenta racemosa, a small tree native to the West Indies, also known as Bay St Thomas. When rubbed on the skin, its dry leaves released a highly fragrant oil – an excellent way to freshen up and perfume oneself...

    While Caribbean farmers were shipping sugar to Europe, a few enterprising slaves discovered in these same sugar-cane plantations that fermented molasses (a by-product of sugar) could be turned into a sweetened alcoholic beverage. Brewers then adopted the original recipe, distilled in order to intensify its alcoholic content, creating the famous rum. Later, an ingenious sailor from Virgin Islands came up with the idea to infuse the leaves and extract their essential oils.

    Bay rum was born.
    The islanders gradually added spices, citrus zest, cinnamon and more to this cologne to adapt it to their tastes and soon it found its way into pampering rituals as part of a massage or after shaving.

    Created in the West Indies, this fragrance became very successful throughout the world. Initially in vogue in New York among American barbers, and very popular with men, it was even introduced to the royal courts of Europe. Today, bay rum is still greatly appreciated by the people of the Caribbean islands (from Bermuda to the Bahamas, Barbados to the Virgin Islands).

    Ligne St Barth has sought to preserve this beautiful Caribbean tradition while adding a touch of modernity to create an authentic fragrance.

    The top notes have been preserved (lime, vetiver, West Indian Bay leaf paired with an old Martinique rum), with the addition of Guatemalan cardamom – the queen of spices. Its base notes reveal Caribbean guaiac wood, Tabacum Havana and Cedrus atlantica.

    This olfactory composition was named Islander. 100 ml.

    ST BARTH. Eau de Parfum Islander

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