Roucou seeds, which grow on a tree bearing fruits that are as red as a blazing sky, were formerly used by Caribbean Indians who coated their bodies with this specific seed for protection against the sun. Inspired by this ancestral tradition, Roucou Tanning Oil brings a perfect, coppercoloured glow to your face and body, and can also be used to protect your hair. A cocktail of vegetable oils helps leave your skin looking radiant, with a deep golden colour. Used as sun care, it spreads easily, nourishing your skin and leaving it with a light, protective and silky smooth finish. This scented tanning oil has a dark floral, softly spiced and exotic note – the hallmark of the LIGNE ST BARTH sun care range. The oil primes your face and body for sunbathing, preserves olive-coloured or heavily tanned skin, and can also be used to care for your hair. Roucou Oil is the legendary cosmetic that sparked the success of LIGNE ST BARTH 30 years ago, building the brand’s outstanding reputation. This oil also complements the properties of other cosmetic treatments in the LIGNE ST BARTH. 125 ml.

ST BARTH. Roucou Tanning Oil 125 ml.

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